Tuesday, March 29, 2011
By embracing laser acne treatment, a person can throw away the oral medications and the prescription ointments. No more side effects to deal with. With laser acne treatment, you remove the constant drudgery of applying medications or taking the constant pills. With laser there is usually a noticeable improvement even after only one laser treatment. The treatment last only a few minutes and are just slightly uncomfortable. Laser acne treatment is described as feeling like someone is snapping a rubber band against your skin. Uncomfortable, but the feeling can certainly be endured for a short period of time.

The biggest problem with acne laser treatment is the price it costs. Your dermatologist can give you an estimate of the cost prior to beginning treatment. Fortunately, there is usually financing available for people who meet the minimum qualifications.

One of the possible side effects of severe acne problems is permanent scarring even after the active blemishes begin to clear up or heal. People who have suffered with acne over a long stretch of time without any successful treatment can end up with acne scarring.

his is one of the areas where laser treatment really shines. Since the area is usually on the face, any cosmetic surgery may result in some type of surgical scarring. Laser treatment has proven to be very successful with certain types of acne and people with certain skin types. Your dermatologist will have to determine if you are a good candidate.


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