Tuesday, March 29, 2011
By embracing laser acne treatment, a person can throw away the oral medications and the prescription ointments. No more side effects to deal with. With laser acne treatment, you remove the constant drudgery of applying medications or taking the constant pills. With laser there is usually a noticeable improvement even after only one laser treatment. The treatment last only a few minutes and are just slightly uncomfortable. Laser acne treatment is described as feeling like someone is snapping a rubber band against your skin. Uncomfortable, but the feeling can certainly be endured for a short period of time.

The biggest problem with acne laser treatment is the price it costs. Your dermatologist can give you an estimate of the cost prior to beginning treatment. Fortunately, there is usually financing available for people who meet the minimum qualifications.

One of the possible side effects of severe acne problems is permanent scarring even after the active blemishes begin to clear up or heal. People who have suffered with acne over a long stretch of time without any successful treatment can end up with acne scarring.

his is one of the areas where laser treatment really shines. Since the area is usually on the face, any cosmetic surgery may result in some type of surgical scarring. Laser treatment has proven to be very successful with certain types of acne and people with certain skin types. Your dermatologist will have to determine if you are a good candidate.
Sunday, March 27, 2011
Life is so hard during our teenage years. Lots of confusion. We are facing our future. We're trying to make smart decisions. We're becoming sexually active - or at least tempted to become active. And through all of this chaos our hormones are on a roller coaster ride that will likely last years.

One of the hardships of this hormonal turmoil is the on set of blemishes. Pimples are often a side effect of being a teen. All of the oils we produce get into overdrive mode. That's why we get the greasy hair and the greasy skin. A breeding ground for blocked pores which leads to - blemishes.
Birth Control Pills for Treating AcneTreating acne is an ongoing process. Acne is an ongoing process with new blemishes appearing on top of existing blemishes. Older acne heals but there is a new blemish reading to take its place.

Once you've exhausted the over the counter products, you should turn to your doctor. Your general health professional may subscribe a prescription strength treatment but if your case is severe enough they will likely recommend you to a dermatologist.

Once you've visited the dermatologist you will be evaluated for treatment. The doctor will have to take into consideration your age, gender and the type of acne you're experiencing. Your dermatologist will develop a plan based on your individual case. Each case is different and the treatment will be just as individually planned.

Sometimes a topical treatment will be attempted and others will begin their treatment with an oral medication. Some patients are treated with both approaches. For more stubborn cases, laser treatment is sometimes suggested.
Topical acne treatments typically prescribed include benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, salicylic acid, and retinoids. They come in the form of lotions, gels, or creams.

Oral treatments typically include oral antibiotics. Dermatologists typically prescribe oral antibiotics for acne that is resistant to topical treatments. It is also typically prescribed for acne that covers a large area where topical treatment may be impractical.

Dermatologist will sometimes give females birth control pills to combat acne. It decreases certain hormones that contribute to blemishes.
Another more drastic approach a dermatologist may use is corticosteroid injections. These injections work quickly to treat painful acne covering a large area.

This is our first step. Most teenagers are well aware of the most popular and widely advertised products. I recommend you try out one product at a time. Some teens will buy up all the latest treatments and may end up aggravating the area resulting in the acne getting worse! If you over use these products you may also over dry the oil causing dryness and peeling.

A good place to begin is with a face wipe or cleansing pad. If that fails to make a difference then move on to a product with benzoyl peroxide. Creams and lotions containing benzoyl peroxide can be found in any major drug store.

Some of these companies also sell a complete home kit. This typically contains a variety of products that work together to battle your blemishes. Buying one of these kits can help with the confusion of determining what products you should buy. They make the choices easier by giving you a skin regimen in a kit. Some of the big companies that carry these kits include Acne Free, Proactive, and L'Oreal's Acne Response.

Unfortunately, you will have to invest time in experimenting with these various products before you can figure out which one works best with your skin and the type of acne you have.

You have likely heard many fact and myths regarding the cause of acne. Some people lay the blame on genetics, personal hygiene and pollution. The setting that precludes acne is a problem with the sebaceous glands.
These oil secreting glands are usually found at hair follicles. The majority of the human body is covered with sebaceous glands. They are small openings that spread across the surface of the skin. They are most dense in the upper neck, chest and facial area. This explains why acne is likely to be a problem in these areas.
These glands secrete our body's natural oil, sebum. This is what brings moisture to our skin. When we go through puberty the sebaceous glands go crazy with production and expand in size.
Once we get past the puberty years, the production of the sebaceous glands settle down.

All of us should be able to identify with this problem. At least the more mild forms of acne. The problem is some individual's battle with severe acne that is stubborn and difficult to overcome. Acne usually shows up in the most visible locations. The face, neck and back area are the most typical body areas you'll find blemishes. We have many weapons at our disposal and I'd like to outline the most popular choices here.

Dermatologists follow various steps to treat acne and they usually begin with medications and topical treatment. Some of these medications can cause side effects that make it difficult to continue treatment. In that case, dermatologists have found that laser treatment may be the answer. Below you'll find helpful information about the various treatments.

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